What is this...?

You have found your way to my Portfolio page. This never-ending project is a testing-ground and a showcase of my skills in HTML, CSS, pixel art and animation. Since the page also is an art portfolio (to be), there will eventually be more of my works to show, other than pixel art as well. Right now however, I'm mainly focusing on creating the interactive layout little by little. If you haven't tried moving the cursor and clicking around yet, feel free to do that now! You can start on my face.

As you can see, the project is only at its very beginning and doesn't have much to look at just yet. As little as there is, I've done my best to make the little contents functioning at least, so there shouldn't be dead ends or broken links or anything like that anymore.

My goal is to make a somewhat interactive page that works on as many devices as possible. If something doesn't seem to work on your device, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know! My contact info can be found here.

The page lives, and will be closed for constructing from time to time, so if you're interested in the progress be sure to check back! The updates will be listed on the front page from now on, and I try my best to keep my IG updated on this project as well.

Welcome and thank you for showing interest!