WELCOME to my Portfolio.

There isn't much to see here just yet. You can find my personal info and artist statement in Vilma section.

To call this a portfolio may be a little misleading at the moment, since there are no works on view on this site other than the layout itself and the few sketches in the sketchbook. The site is still in the making and stuff is added little by little all the time.

Meanwhile you can find a temporary portfolio of my works here.

Updates 08/04/2020

~ Temporary portfolio added.

Updates 03/04/2020

~ Sketchbook updated, first pages added.

Updates 27/03/2020

~ Super clumsy phone version fixed, less clumsy now
~ Sketchbook page updated

Updates 26/03/2020

~ Super clumsy phone version added

Updates 23/10/2019

~ Broken links and dead ends fixed
~ Page opened for public
~ "About" and "Sketchbook" pages were added
~ "Vilma" page was updated