Who is Vilma Tammitie

I am a 26-year-old visual artisan 12/2014 Pekka Halonen Academy
Vocational Qualification in Visual Expression,
Visual Artisan,
Study programme in Visual and Media arts
and a coffee enthusiast from Helsinki, Finland. I don't know what to call myself anymore. At the moment I identify most with "pixel artist" so let's go with that.

I am also highly interested in but not yet at all good at game graphics, tattooing and making music. I have a band that's had 3 rehersals during past 5 years. We're great.

contact me via ig dms or vilma@tammitie.com

Where to find me (click to show)

tammitie @ Instagram
kauheaa @ Pixel Joint
icelanderocks @ DeviantArt
kauheaa @ jstris
obviously not @ band rehersal

Tools of Choise (click to show)

Pigma Micron thin markers
Copic Markers
MS Paint
HTML5 (website layouts)

Artist statement (click to show)

My work mainly focuses on drawing, and especially on portraying people and everyday objects. My style varies from small cartoons and sketches to big, detailed, realistic portraits and pixel art and animation on the digital side. All of my works have a kind of crooked oddity, melancoly and sometimes a more or less psychedelic touch in them. I enjoy portraying reality in a detailed, exaggerated, and twisted way. I mostly use photos and live objects as a directional reference.

My main tools are pencils, different kinds of markers and charcoal. Most of my digital works I do with MS Paint, Aseprite and a mouse (I very rarely use a tablet despite owning one). I love colors. Certain shades and combinations of colors I resonate with the most, appear in my work repeatedly. Specially in my digital art I tend to use bright color combinations and pastel colors. On the other hand, in my traditional work I often only use grayscale, which highlights the significance of light and shadow, details and textures. I have this scanner-like way of working; after sketching lightly I proceed section by section and sort of dig the picture out of the paper. This makes the big portraits come out highly detailed and a bit crooked, which I like. As much as I've been told to look at the big picture and work the whole area before going into details I tend to start with small things and build the works, both digital and traditional, around the tiny bits.

Art for me is processing, escapism and meditation. It helps me go through things and it helps me remember the things I want to stay with me. This is why lots of my work portrays my mental health issues; by putting this on paper I remember how I felt. This way I can see my progress and find ways to go around and throught though times. And also to take out the bad and sad in me, in a good way. This is also why I portray the small happy things: moments, thoughts, words, dreams, inspiring and beautiful people; to remember the good when it gets bad again.

In a way it's escapism, hiding, and forgetting all else around me, but on the other hand it is making something hidden inside me come out for all to see.
It's creating a world of my own.